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Many people visit the twin cities(Rawalpindi and Islamabad) from all over Pakistan. And not everyone owns a private car. Even if someone owns their own private car sometimes it isn’t very convenient to bring it along with you on your trip. In this case you need a vehicle to help you move around the city. You can of course use public transport but we all know that is not the most convenient option. The most convenient option is of course to rent a car to help you move around the city. But if you choose to rent a car then you face the dilemma of which type of car to rent, which rental service to use and are you paying the right price. That is where we come in, we offer the best car rental services in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We save you from all the hassle of deciding which car to choose and what is the best option.

We offer car rental services to customers not only from all over Pakistan including big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Sargodha, etc. But also to many international tourists for instance tourists from gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. Who visit Pakistan to witness its marvelous beauty. Most of our customers are tourists who come from all over Pakistan to Islamabad and also international tourists who have come here to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. So we offer many car rental services to northern areas of Pakistan including coasters and drivers plus guides to many areas of Pakistan. We also offer honeymoon, vacation and accommodation services all over Pakistan. Some of our most popular locations include:

  • SWAT



We are a professional travel agency with 5 star reviews . We take pride in ourselves for providing quality services at an affordable price. We offer great customer support to all our customers. You can contact our customer any time and talk with a real person who has years of experience to help you have a great customer experience. We have an excellent client turnover rate than many of our competitors simply because of the fact that we provide first class services and customer support at a reasonable price. Some of our services include the following:


We offer many types of car rental services. One of our services includes simple car rental without a driver. This service offers a vehicle of your choice from our selection available at the time. We will ask for some sort of identification e.g. id card, passport, etc. you will have to pay some amount initially depending upon your choice and the rest will be paid upon the safe return of the vehicle at the agreed upon time. If you fail to return the vehicle at the designated time then not only will you have to pay for the extra time but also the fine charges incurred. You will get some initial fuel with your car and will be responsible for the complete safety of the car. In case of any damage to the vehicle you will have to pay for the repair of the damages plus for the inconvenience caused.


Along with car rental we also offer professional drivers if you wish to entail their services. Our drivers are professional and seasoned with years of experience under their belt and can make your journey much more trouble free than it will be on your solo adventure . They will help you navigate around the city on your adventure. They have complete knowledge of the city traffic, routes and directions. They will spare you from the inconvenience of traffic jams and help you save time with little known shortcuts all over the city.


Another one of our services is an expert tour guide. We offer you the services of professional tour guides who will escort you on your journey and help you in every way possible to make your journey more adventurous and enjoyable without any of the hassle that usually comes with such endeavors. Now if you are a seasoned adventurer or if you think or if you think you have all the necessary information, expertise, know how and useful connections in the local region and can entail the proper services needed to get you out of a jam at a moments notice than you don’t really need a guide on your adventure otherwise you should probably think about the warranting the services of a professional tour guide.


One of our most famous and entailed services is our tour packages all over pakistan. We offer complete tour packages to many locations all over pakistan. Our tour packages include transportation, guide, food and accommodation at minimum. We have the most comfortable vehicles to assist you in your journey. We know all about the routes and passages to many little known locations by adventurers and guides. We offer the best food to our customers. We not only include many popular national and international dishes in our menu but also incorporate the unique local cuisine of our travel destination in our menus to allow our fellow adventurers to connect with local culture and traditions of the place they are visiting. Our guides will assist you however they can to provide you an experience closest to the local culture. We also know all about the best local hotels and will negotiate with them to provide you with the best services at the cheapest price. Our customers are always satisfied with our service and praise us. Our business has solely spread by word of mouth all due to the efforts of all our amazing customers who want to see us succeed. We also hope to help you on your next adventure make it fun, enjoyable and the greatest adventure of your life.



Our mission is to promote national and international tourism in Pakistan. We are trying our best to make the world aware of the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Pakistan and facilitate the next adventure of our fellow adventurers to make it a pleasant one. We humbly call on you to join us in our quest to make Pakistan a popular tourist destination and promote the tourism industry in Pakistan. You can help us by visiting the enchanting tourist destinations in Pakistan and entailing our services.

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