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Fairy Meadows Tour

If heaven can be found on Earth, then Fairy Meadows Pakistan, A Paradise for Travelers on Earth, has nothing to complain about. The Fairy Meadows tour takes place in the shadows of the magnificent Nanga Parbat (8,126m), also known as The Killer Mountain. See Pakistan tours has one of the most enchanting Fairy meadows tours 2022 to discover the beauty of it in Pakistan tour packages 2022.

Weather and Temperature in Fairy Meadows Pakistan

In the summer, the temperature in Fairy Meadows Pakistan, remains cool with lovely vistas. Fairy Meadows, on the other hand, are snow-covered in the winter and difficult to access.
Furthermore, the Road to Fairy Meadows is said to be the World’s Most Dangerous because it necessitates a 1.5-hour adventurous and exhilarating Jeep journey with breathtaking views of Nanga Parbat. After that, tourists must hike through the dense alpine forest for 3-4 hours to reach Fairy Meadows.
Fairy meadows tours are well-known among trekkers and hikers. Still, the following are some of the best places to see fairy meadows:

• Rama Lake
• Fairy Meadows Village
• Nanga Parbat Viewpoint
• Nanga Parbat Base Camp
• Biyal Camp

Our fairy meadows tour packages include some of the greatest fairy meadows tours available. Take one to enjoy the quiet and tranquilly nature with your loved ones in Fairy Meadows Pakistan.

Fairy Meadows Tour Packages

Tour package

No. of Days / Nights


Fairy Meadows Tour

7 Days / 6 Nights

Staring From 145,000 PKR

Fairy Meadows Standard Tour

7 Days / 6 Nights

Staring From 110,000 PKR

Fairy Meadows 10 Days Tour

10 Days / 9 Nights

Staring From 185000 PKR


  • Day1. Hunza Valley Tour.

    On the first day participants will depart for Naran kaghan. They will pass through from places such as Haripur Abbottabad and Balakot. They participants will have the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of these places on the way. They will witness alpine trees, Enormous glaciers and beautiful rivers. They will pass near the banks of naran and witness the Kunhar River. We will make tea stops on the way so that participants can rest and refresh. Then we will continue our journey. Soon we will arrive at our hotel and have launch. This will give us time to rest Later they go for sightseeing.

  • Day2. Naran To Hunza.

    On the 2nd day participant will wake up and have breakfast. Then we will begin our journey through the lush green forests and high glaciers. The scenery will be breathtaking. The background view is amazing for photography. It will be amazing for making pictures and memories soon we will pass through the lulusar lake and enjoy the beautiful view. After a while we will reach the famous babusar pass. We will stop there to rest and refresh and have some tea. After that we will continue our journey. After some time we will enter the Chilas Mountains When we will enter the chilas you will notices the shift from lush forests to rugged mountains. Through chilas Hunza Valley. We will travel to the karakoram highway a marvel of modern engineering, which also often called 8th wonder of the world. Travelling on karakoram Highway we will the Nanga Parbat one of the most famous peaks of the world. After viewing the Nanga Parbat the participants will continue their journey after some traveling they will arrive at Rakaposhi viewpoint. Here they will gaze at the tall mountains and deep valleys before continuing their journey. At that time they will witness the beautiful sun setting behind the mountains. Then they will continue their journey. They will arrive at the hotel at night have dinner and go to sleep.

  • Day3. Stay at Hunza Valley

    On the 3rd day after breakfast participants will continue their journey. They will get the chance to meet of historians, musicians, storytellers; they will visit the historic Baltit fort. We will enlist the help of a local guide. Who will guide us about the history and culture of such ancient place we will continue our journey to Altit fort, which is 900 years old. Our travel guide will tell us about history, culture and norms of the Hunza people. Our local guide will tell us some local folk tales to entertains us and also teach about the local history. We will continue our journey and arrive at the Leif Larson music school. There we will learn about the musical history of the Hunza people. After departing we will arrive at the royal Gardens. We will have lunch at the khabasi café famous for its local cuisine. But it also serves amazing modern food. You can also have a cup of coffee. Participants then visit Duikar. Then they will arrive at the Karakoram Mountains just in time for the beautiful sunset then will stay at hotel.

  • Day4. Khunjerab Pass(Pak-China Boarder).

    Participants will start the 4th day with a delicious local breakfast. Then they will depart for the khunjerab pass. The border between Pakistan and china khunjerab pass is the highest Road border in the world. The participants will witness the Ganish civilization a one thousand year old ancient civilization. They will see their ruins, cave paintings and carvings in the rock. The participants will see the Ganish Bridge and travel along the Attabad Lake. The participants will observe the milky hussaini glacier. And the calm passu village on their journey to khunjerab pass participants will catch the sight of passu peak, passu cones and shispar peaks. Participants will pass through the wildlife conservation area in Khyber to appreciate the local wildlife they continue travelling towards the khunjerab National park in Deh. Soon they will arrive at their destination, the khunjerab pass where they will have the opportunity to interact with the Chinese tourists visiting from the other side of border. The participants will have time to take photographs and enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing view. They will also have time to shopping. They can buy numerous Chinese goods. They can also visit the local karimabad market to buy herbs, local caps, dry fruits, gemstones, cloths, handicrafts etc. Then at night they will return to hotel for night stay.

  • Day5. Return to Naran.

    On the fifth day participants will begin their journey back to naran. There will arrive at naran in the afternoon participants will be given the chance to visit the local bazaar.

  • Day6. End of Tour.

    On 6th day participants will travel back towards Islamabad. There will be tea stops on the way. The journey will take around 8 hours In Islamabad journey will come to an end.

Rs: 13000

5 days Tour

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