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Lulusar Lake

Lulusar is a mountain range near to Naran Valley in KPK province, Pakistan. It is famous because the large lake that is located there is a tourist attraction. 

Height of Lulusar

Lulusar Lake is located at an elevation of 3,410m (11,200ft) above the sea level.

Where is lulusar lake?

Kaghan Valley, District Mansehra, KPK Pakistan

Why is Lulusar lake famous?

Kunhar River flows through the lake, and it joins with the Jhelum River at the Jhelum River. Its main source is Kunhar Lake. It is located 48 km from Naran on the Naran–Babusar Road. Lulusar is the historical site where 55 of the participants in the 1857 war for independence were detained.

It is larger than the other lakes in the valley and is surrounded with snowcapped hills. This makes it a popular tourist attraction. The Naran-Babusar road from Gittidas to Gilgit runs through the Babusar Pass. The lake is a popular destination for both international and domestic visitors in summer when the water mirrors its surroundings like a mirror.

To get to Lulusar, a jeep can also be hired from Naran Valley. Lulusar is approximately three hour’s drive from Naran town. You can hire a Jeep from Naran to take you to Basel, where you can visit the Lulusar within 30 minutes. A road is being constructed around the lake that will connect the Naran/Basel and Chilas. This road leads to Babusar Pass.

lulusar lake

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