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Naltar Valley

In a Glimpse:

Naltar Valley is 34 km away from Gilgit Valley and is 15,348 ft above sea level.. It is a peaceful place with beautiful natural scenery, away from the busy towns of Gilgit Baltistan. Naltar is famous for skiing in winter and for its green landscapes and lakes in summer, which are often called a piece of paradise.

The valley has two small villages called Naltar Bala (Upper Village) and Naltar Paain (Lower Village).They have lots of forests and beautiful Bashkiri Lakes. Naltar is usually cold, with summer temperatures up to 22 C and winter temperatures as low as -15 C.

Climate/Weather Condition:

Naltar Valley has a cold climate. In summer, the temperature reaches about 22 degrees Celsius, creating a pleasant atmosphere. But in winter, it can drop to -15 degrees Celsius, making the valley very cold.

How to get there: (Accessibility)

Naltar Valley

The trip to Naltar begins in Gilgit after you leave the Karakoram Highway. If you’re planning a tour, note that cars are not recommended for the rough road after you leave the highway. 4×4 jeeps are better for the bumpy ride. However, the journey is worth it because the beauty beyond is amazing.

What to Do in Naltar: (Attractions)

In the summer, the lakes are the main tourist attractions You can reach the lakes by driving a 4×4 vehicle or by hiking on a dirt track.The lakes are 13 km from Naltar Bala (Upper Village) and there are glacial streams along the way. There are two points where a wide glacial stream and a river intersect, and local drivers need to skillfully drive the vehicle across. In the winter, the lakes are not accessible due to heavy snowfall.

The first lake on the way up is called Satrangi Lake, also known as Rainbow Lake or Fish Lake. The lake reflects many colors, especially blue, green, and yellow, because of the algae in the water. The water is calm and gives a peaceful view to visitors.

Next, you’ll come to the Pari Lake, which is about 1km north of the first lake and bigger. It has deep blue water and is believed to get its water from an underground source because there are no streams or rivers above it.

The third lake in the valley can’t be reached by car. You have to walk for 45 to 55 minutes to get there. But it’s worth it to see the beautiful Firoza Lake or Bodroko Lake. As you walk to the lake, you’ll pass through a plain called the Maidaan in 10 minutes. The area has lush green grass, streams on each side, and a river in the middle. You can also see the stunning snow-capped peaks from here.

The valley has good ski slopes for winter visitors. The Ski Resort is run by the Pakistan Air Force and is 40 km from Gilgit. It is the main facility of the Ski Federation of Pakistan. The government installed a 1.5 km long Ski Chairlift to take visitors to the top.

If you enjoy trekking, you can trek from Naltar Pass to Ishkoman, which is 4600 meters high and offers a beautiful view of the entire Hindukush Range.

What Happens in Naltar (Activities/Festivals)

Naltar Ski Resort, Pakistan Air Force and Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan join forces annually to host a Winter Sports Festival, usually occurring around late January/early February at an altitude of 10,500ft. People come from around the globe to take part in this unique celebration featuring skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey competitions.

The hospitality of the People and Culture:

The people in Naltar are friendly and welcoming to tourists and other visitors. The valley is great for families, and the people are well-educated with a current literacy rate of 94%. 

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