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Neelum Valley Tour

The Neelum Valley Tour is one of Pakistan’s most popular trips. Domestic tourists from all around the country go to the valley. It is situated in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir’s northernmost region.

From lush green valleys to snow-capped mountains, the Neelum Valley Tour offers a diverse range of natural beauty. The lovely valley is roughly 20 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Starting in Muzaffarabad, the Neelum Road is around 200 kilometers long. The Line of Control between Pakistan and India is on the banks of the Neelum River, and flags of both countries fly high in their horror. The stunning natural environment of Neelum Valley astonishes many travelers, photographers, and tourists.

From April to September is the best time to arrange your Neelum Valley Tour. In the winter, when it snows heavily, the connecting roads are closed due to snowfall, which is a common occurrence.

The journey to the Neelum Valley begins in Islamabad, with a drive through the Murree Expressway to Muzaffarabad. Depending on traffic, it takes 3-4 hours to go to Muzaffarabad. As you follow the Neelum River, the beauty begins to amaze you. As you walk deeper into the valley alongside the Neelum River, the river’s hue transforms from grey to blue.

Neelum Valley Packages

Tour package

No. of Days / Nights


Neelum Valley Deluxe Tour

7 Days / 6 Nights

Staring From 145,000 PKR

Neelum Valley Standard Tour

7 Days / 6 Nights

Staring From 110,000 PKR

Neelum Valley 10 Days Tour

10 Days / 9 Nights

Staring From 185000 PKR


  • Day 1: Islamabad to Neelum Valley

    The Neelum Valley Tour begins in Islamabad. Early in the morning, we shall head for Neelum Valley. We travel to Kohala through the Murree Expressway. For dizzy heads, tea and roadside pakoras are a necessary in Kohala due to the region's rising elevation. We'll then either drive via Muzaffarabad or stop for lunch there, depending on what we decide at the time. Then we'll head towards Keran on the Neelum Road, which runs alongside the Neelum River. In Keran, spend the night.

  • Day 2: Sharda – Neelum Valley Tour

    Mostly on second day of the Neelum valley tour, we recommend taking an early morning stroll in Keran because the sunrises there are spectacular. Guests depart for Sharda after breakfast in Keran, passing through Dawarian. We'll make brief stops for photography or other activities. Lunch will be served at Sharda or Dawarian, depending on the circumstances. Sharda for the night.

  • Day 3: Neelum Valley Tour-Kel

    Breakfast will be served at the Sharda Hotel before departing for Kel. The popularity of the Neelum Valley Tour is due to the beauty of our sharda, kel, and aurang kel. The tour offers a lot of sightseeing on this day because we have to traverse a lot of gorgeous valleys in a short amount of time. Once we arrive at Kel, we will climb to Aurang Kel, which is around 2 kilometers distant. Kel will be our home for the night.

  • Day 4: Sharda - Neelum Valley Tour

    We'll spend some time with Kel on Day 4 of the Neelum Valley Tour. Walking on the handcrafted bridges across the Neelum River is a thrilling experience. Guests travel to Sharda for the night after spending some time exploring in Kel.

  • Day 5: Neelum Valley to Islamabad

    After eating breakfast at Sharda, we will proceed for Islamabad. On our way back, we'll stop at the Kutton Waterfall. We will reach in Islamabad in the evening.

Rs: 10,500

5 days Tour

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