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Top Places to Visit in KPK

Top Places to Visit in KPK

We as humans ultimately inevitably get tired and want to relax due to the grueling grind of work and constant pressure to meet deadlines. Going on a vacation is a popular and excellent way to recharge our mental energies which is important not only to maintain our physical and mental health but it also ultimately makes us more productive. People also more often than not choose a natural location for their location because they subconsciously want to harmonize with nature which naturally results in unburdening of all our worries. That is also why many professional companies not only offer vacation days but also take their employees on company retreats often to natural locations to facilitate bonding between colleagues and also to allow the employees to relax.

But one important dilemma is that even if you have decided to go on a retreat to escape the mundanity of daily life you still have to decide where do you want to go to escape to and this decision in of itself is another hassle. One of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in Pakistan is the province of KPK. There are many reasons to consider visiting this amazing and magnificent province and that is why we want to help you decide this is the place where you wish to go on your next retreat and this article will provide you with the details to help you make your decision.

Of the many reasons that may compel you to visit this amazing location some are given below:

Tourists Destinations

The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has many popular tourist spots for people who want to visit here and enjoy themselves. Some of these are given are below:

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is a luxurious travel destination at an elevation of 9000 ft near the Hindukush mountains in the north of Pakistan. It is very popular due to the various ski resorts in the area. The place is near Swat and easily accessible from there. You can also get to Malam Jabba from Islamabad in only 3 hours. It has one of the longest and most amazing ski tracks in all of pakistan. Sports enthusiasts from all over Pakistan come here every winter to polish their skills and many newcomers also visit to learn the sport. If you are into snow sports then this is the place for you.

Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan

Naran is actually a very famous tourist spot in the north of pakistan and is very popular not only in pakistan but all over the globe. The valley of Kaghan is very fmaous not only for its own immense natural beauty but also due to various other popualr tourists spots in the vicinity including Shogran, Naran, Siri Paye, Malika Parbat and the famous Lake Saif-ul-Malook. The valley is only 240 km away from Islamabad and also has local hotels so accomodation is also not a problem. the nearby Siri Paye is a hill station popular among tourists for its beautiful picturesque views where tourists are seen taking selfies to remember their travels. The lush green meadows atop give a heavenly vibe to this place. The Lake Saif-ul-Malook is also only 9 km from Naran famous for various boating and camping activities along with its reflective waters that give a seraphic view of the nearby Malika Parbat in which land and sky seem to merge making you lose your sense of self and leavign you in a state of awe.


Abbottabad is a popular city located in the center north of Pakistan. Due to its location it is used as a stop point during journeys to various other popular tourist destinations in the north. The city has the famous Lady Garden Public Park built during the colonial era for tourists to visit. There is also the St.Luke church with its religious significance. Besides the beautiful city itself there are also other tourist spots nearby. Nearby Thandiani is full of beautiful lush pine forests and is good for camping. Another town nearby is Harnoi with many beautiful attractions such as Harnoi waterfall and Harnoi Lake. There is also the Harnoi amusement park with many fun rides making it a great spot for families with kids.



Chitral is a beautiful town in the province of KPK located at the base of HinduKush mountains. The village is known for its heaven like beauty and the gapping river Kunhar that flows through the west of town. This place has aesthetic views of celestial landscapes that lend their charm to the eyes of the viewers. In winter you can witness the distant mountain peaks hidden under their whitish snowy attire. In spring you can appreciate the pasturelands with their blooming flowers and the trees with their fruits ready to fall off. You can climb the hill top to enjoy the tree top view of the entire valley. The eye-catching Kalash valley is also located in the Chitral region. The people of this valley are known for their hospitality and flamboyant clothing. They have followed the traditions of their ancestors for thousands of years and their customs have remained largely unsullied through all this time.

There are also many other quaint valleys that are part of the Chitral region. These valleys include The Broghil. Barmoghlast, Goolen and Ayun valleys. There also flows a river Garam Chashma (meaning hot spring) . The river got its name due to the warm water that flows through it even in winter.

As most of the sub-continent was divided into many princely states before the British Raj, so was the region of Chitral once a princely state. A memorial of that time, the Chitral Fort still stands to this day and is very popular among the history buffs.

The best time to visit Chitral for most people is summer as in winter the entire region is covered in snow. You can either get to Chitrsal by air (via flights from Islamabad) or by road (via the N-95 highway which takes 10 hours from Islamabad).



Galiyat is located between Abbottabad and Murree and has a unique sense of charm with its lush green hills decorated with pine trees and freezing cold weather. The wider Galiyat region also includes many other beautiful valleys such as Ghora Gali, Nathia Gali, Changla Gali and Dunga Gali. There has been a recent increase in tourism in the area in recent years.


Swat is a beautiful town in northern areas of Pakistan. The valley is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its fruits especially the apples popularly known as Apple of Swat. Swat River also adds to the beauty of Swat Valley. The Valley is very charming with its awe inspiring views. The best time to visit this place is also summer, when the weather is more hospitable, except when you want to enjoy the snow. In which case there is also a ski-resort for you to enjoy this fun sport. The Valley also has beautiful waterfalls known for their amazing glamor. There is also a sapphire lake nearby called the Mahodand Lake that will leave you agog with its allure. There are also many historical sites in Swat Valley for history snobs including Takht-e-Bahi an indo-parthean archeological site of Buddhist origin, Buddhist Stupas (Buddhist holy sites where sacred artifacts are kept) and the White Palace the residence of Wali of Swat (ruler of Swat) which was later turned into a museum.



NathiaGali is another place to visit in KPK. It is just an hour away from Murree and is a popular hiking spot among enthusiasts as well. if you live in or around islamabad then you can get to NathiaGali in 2-3 hours tops.  It is best to visit the place in summer as in winter along with snow and icy roads fog also presents a huge problem.



Peshawar is the capital city of the province of KPK and arguably one of the most important cities in the entire region. Due to various studies by historians it is suggested that the city is as old as 500 B.C. The Pakhtun people of Peshawar are known for their hospitality that wins the tourists’ hearts. The city is blessed with immense beauty as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains providing the city with amazing landscape. The people of Peshawar also have great taste in food and their cuisine is one of the best in the world. Along with its natural beauty and amazing food Peshawar also has many historical and archeological sites that are very significant to the history of the subcontinent some which include Bala Hisar Fort, Mahabat Khan Mosque, Sethi House and the Peshawar Museum where various artifacts from different regions are housed including many important statues from Gandhara period. There is also the famous Clock Tower(Ghanta Ghar) in the middle of the city called the Cunningham Clock Tower named after the British governor of the same name.

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