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Travel Guide to Hazara Motorway

It is in human nature to travel to different places and learn different things. The need for adventure is in every human being. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are full of natural beauty, thousands of tourists visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan every year. For those that want to travel to the Northern Areas of Pakistan Hazara Motorway provides a great and safe path to them. Taking the famous Naran-Babusar road is also another option but the down side is that it is only open for  4 months while the rest of the time it is closed due to adverse weather conditions. So when this road is closed taking the Hazara Motorway is your main option.

You can also take the Karakoram Highway but be ready for traffic. Instead you can save a lot of time by taking the Hazara motorway.

Hazara motorway is a nearly 200 km long road that connects the Punjab province from near Hasan Abdal to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province near Thakot. It passes through many important locations including Hasan Abdal, Haripur, Havelian, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Shinkiari and Battagram.

The motorway, at few locations, has tunnels including Karmong, Mansehra and Thakot. The motorway consists of 6-lane controlled access portion from Punjab to Mansehra which consists of 39 km. Rest of the road is a 79 kilometre long 4 Lane road.

Hazara Motorway Entry Points

Burhan Interchange

The first entry point to Hazara Motorway is located near the Islamabad Peshawar Motorway at the Burhan Interchange. Some important info is given below.

  • Distance from Islamabad is 58 km
  • Distance from Peshawar is 128 km
  • Distance from Lahore is 392 km

Distance between Islamabad and Various Tourist Locations via Hazara Motorway

  • Abbottabad is 134 km away
  • Naran Kaghan is 283 km away
  • Babusar Pass is 348 km away
  • Fairy Meadows is 439 km away
  • Gilgit is 517 km away
  • Hunza is 602 km away
  • Skardu is 639 km away

Lengths of Various Tunnels

  • Abbottabad Tunnel 1 is 1,720 meters long
  • Abbottabad Tunnel 2 is 2,390 meters long
  • Mansehra Tunnel is 2,528 meters long
  • Karmong Tunnel is 442 meters long
  • Battal Tunnel is 2,960 meters long
  • Thakot Tunnel is 615 meters long

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