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Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley is one of the four administrative subdivisions of Ghazar District. It is also called the valley of martyrs and conquerors.

Gilgit to Yaseen Valley distance

It is located 120 km north of Gilgit valley and the road is paved, wide, and parallel to the village of Tristan of Yasin. Freight trucks, buses, coaches, cars, and jeeps ply on this road all year round in all seasons. Ghazir Road passes through wide towns. This road has no climbs, slopes, bends, etc.

That is why the risk of traffic accidents on this road is very low. The road has been protected from landslides even during the recent torrential rains. Therefore, it can be said without exaggeration that the journey on Ghazar Road is very safe. The car or jeep reaches Yasin Valley five hours after departure from Gilgit. Yasin Khas and Lalak Jan Shaheed Nishan Haider have good and quality hotels in Hondur village.

After about an hour and a half journey from here to Takht Taus, Sultanabad, Sindhi, Barkolti, Hondur, and Amlast. , I will enter you. Half of Darkot’s residential town is plains.

One of the three sources of the Indus River is the western, eastern, and northern rivers of Darkut, the springs, and the flowing waters of glaciers. Darkot is surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks, innumerable glaciers, mountain passes, and passages.

Yaseen Valley location

Garm Chashma

To the north, there is a Garm Chashma in Gekoshi Nala. The distance from Darkot to this spring is three hours on foot. However, it is also possible to reach here by jeep, as the road is unpaved and the journey is one and a half hours.

Darkot Pass glacier

This glacier, nine miles west and north, in the form of the English letter V, is layered, one end of the Brugal extreme eastern pasture of Schwasher and the other end of the Brugal population cycle. The distance from Garm Chashma Darkot to the border village of Chakar Brugal on foot (on glacier) is 12 hours. To the west of Dirkut lies the Ghamubar Canal and its glacier. The eastern slopes of this glacier touch the town of Dirkut. At the beginning of the Ghumbar Glacier is a vast lake of icy gray water. Which can be seen from some places of Darkut.

On the same day, after ascending the slope of Ghamubar Nala, the other villages of Yassin Valley enter Nala Despar of Thoi. To the east of Dirkut, Darkut has the highest permanent settlements called Gartanj and Gamlati. These settlements make up half the population of Darkot.

To the east of these border villages, there are entrances to the Ashkuman Valley through two famous border canals, Hanisarpar and Attar. A small number of tourists visit these routes in summer. Along the way, scenic spots, towering peaks and blue lakes attract tourists. To the northwest of the Darkot valley lies the beautiful green valley of Yassin, Dolang. The canal is lush and the highest snow-capped peaks of Ghizr district on its left are seen talking to the sky.

There are also numerous glaciers. Black and white clouds often hover around these peaks. Nala Dolang and its majestic peaks are always hidden from the view of tourists as they are behind other mountains. Because of this they have not been discovered. These peaks are located northwest of Darkot, south of Brugel and northeast of Thui.

Darkot Pass glacier

village of Darkot

To the southeast of Darkot is an attractive, lush mountain. After a three-hour ascent from the village of Darkot, one can reach its peaks. There is a narrow natural valley here. After a few minutes’ journey south of this valley, one reaches a place from where 70% of the villages and towns of Yasin valley and innumerable mountain ranges of Hindu Kush range can be seen in a row. ۔ It’s as if a passenger on a jet is looking down at the steepest towns, valleys, and mountain ranges. What a wonderful sight.

This charming place is known as the roof of Khaltar Lake Yaseen. From this place, one can get a free air tour of Yaseen Valley in just a few moments without any effort and without many days and hours of distance. Sit or stand, take photographs, or put binoculars in front of your eyes, then look north and south. Enjoy the skyscrapers of trust. Most of Yassin’s area, town, village, peaks, glaciers and not knowing what to do, how cheap tourism is, has there ever been such an experience before? Of course your answer: no, but you will give this concrete answer only after the tour there. Not before this experience.

Between the waterfalls, the waterfalls, the glaciers, the insane, the soft and delicate flexible trees, the lush dunes, the meadows of the cattle between the lush plains and the most beautiful (2400) feet of clear blue water. Lake, it is not possible to estimate the depth of this natural lake.

Beautiful flowers and lush herbs in the local language Broshki, are well known for fluttering in the breeze. These poisonous herbs are used by the locals to treat gums and teeth. To the southeast of the lake in front of the lake lies the famous Dhuholi Chish peak, a beautiful snow-capped peak, and let me tell you that Dhuholi Chish means rotten peak.

Darkot village

Yassin Valley River

This peak is always covered with layers of snow and is often hidden in clouds. From this point onwards, the water of the river, which erupts from the icy glacier, which turns from east to south, erupts, rolls, tumbles, sings loudly, and scatters. It flows into the Yassin River.

The 15,000-foot-high eastern pass of this heartwarming canal is a four-hour walk from the lake. It has not been done yet. One or two days ‘trekking’ can take a full tour of this canal. There is also a short but relatively difficult alternative vertical route along the Khaltar river bed of Nala Khaltar, but it is a bit difficult for the average tourist to reach Khaltar Lake through this route. Locals usually use this route.

Yassin Valley River

Traditional food of Yassin Valley

Chamo Reiki: Wheat or corn bread or burt (thick bread) is finely chopped and dipped in ghee.

Ameshtono: Desi ghee is poured over lassi cheese and poured over thin natural wheat bread.

Makoti: Makok flour is prepared by mixing it with wheat flour. There are three types: Targhat Makoti, Ding Makoti, Turbat and Chi Mukti Makoti.

Traditional food of Yassin Valley

Chhup Shoro: Meat is put inside the bread and cooked on a light inch above the toe.

Piawa or Wei Brush: Desi ghee is boiled in water and when it is well mixed, it is mixed with salt to taste and eaten with bread.

Julay Taki: A thick wheat bread, ie brit or mash taki, is made by grinding walnut kernels in the middle of it and filling it with mashti pachini and putting it under hot ashes and embers and burning a little fire on top. Is cooked

Bardaq: Flour is added little by little in boiling water and shaken. After thickening, it is cooked and eaten in the morning by mixing kurt or shat as desired. This is the food of the sick

Brian: Many eggs are beaten and cooked in ghee or oil and cooked like an omelet.

Foods of yassin valley

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