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Fairy Meadows

The ferry meadows is located in District Diyar, Gilgit -Baltistan Pakistan, at the height of 10,800 feet above sea level. At the foot of Nanga Parbat, a valley that crosses the ruthless mountains shows us the sight of the person who is aware of it, and here it will be right to say that this quality is to be described. It is impossible for any tourist.

How do I get to Fairy Meadows?

Rai Kot, 540 km from Islamabad and ahead of Tatu village, leads to a rocky and difficult route to fifteen kilometers. This route to a pocket ride is constantly leading to a height, with the sky touched on one side and a deep river on the other. When you look at it suddenly, your crying stands. Then two and a half hours are crossed on foot or ponies.

Fairy meadows location

Fairy Meadows Road

On the way, we have come out to laugh at the dangerous mountains that laugh at our raw imagination. At some point, Nanga Parbat shows its glimpse. In 2013, the road was declared the second deadliest highway in the world. This track was built long ago by the villagers of Nanga Parbat. This climb is certainly long and difficult, but by reaching the Fair Meds, all your anxiety turns into a fascinating feeling.

Ferry Meadows road

Why is it called Fairy Meadows?

As the name is evident, it seems that there is a fair population. In beautiful landscapes and beautiful weather, it seems that at such a height, we are very close to the sky, and the fairies are playing around us from Nanga Parbat. This is your beauty that can see the fairies. After all, this is the reason that this beautiful place is named Priyanka. The name was influenced by this fascinating pasture by a German climb.

Nanga Parbat, a sleeping killer Beauty Queen

The mountains pull towards them and fall into their hands. Sometimes like a kind, they feel fast approaching you and sometimes slowly start to disappear. Nanga Parbat is second in Pakistan’s tallest mountains and ninth in the world, which is 26,660 feet above sea level.

The mountain is known for its difficult climbing, and due to the mountaineers’ deaths, it has the title of the killer mountain, which is located on a base camp at Ferry Meadows. This name is taken from Sanskrit. If we review this beautiful and high mountain, it seems like a sleeping sensation. That is why this angry mountain is known as Hussein and a sleeping Hussein, whose many fans are killed in the desire to close.

ferry meadows weather view

What is the best time to visit Fairy Meadows?

The best time for Fairy Meadows is between May and September. When you face pleasant temperatures and limited rainfall. The maximum temperature here is 26C in July and at least 4 in January. The climate of this beautiful pasture is continent that is hot and dry in the summer and cold and wet in the winter.

List of Fairy meadows hotels

  • Fairy Meadows Resorts
  • Fairy Meadows Cottages
  • Fairy Meadows Hotel
  • Fairy Meadows Broad View Hotel & Resort
  • Fairy Meadows Inn
  • Raikot Serai
  • Raikot Gazebo
  • Rama Valley Hutt
  • Parbat Inn Hotel
  • Mountain View Hotel
  • GB Gateway Hotel

Which network works in Fairy Meadow?

You must purchase Scom Sim from Gilgit; however, its services aren’t as good; however, a 3G internet is accessible in the GB areas. The Zong service is also working in some areas of Gb.

bonfire in ferry Meadow

Necessary steps before going to the fairy Meadow

Making a list of items taken while planning travels during a tour of Fair Meadows or other Northern Territories is an important and important task before leaving the house.

In this list, an umbrella, a raincoat, a hot jacket, a pair of strong shoes, a woolen hat, a pair of gloves, extra socks, a few shirts and trousers, a first aid kit, and the necessary medicine you have these days. It is also important to be used because of the disease. It is also useful to take a few items for personal use.

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Ferry Meadows weather and temperature

Fairy Meadow experiences a typical continental climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are cold and rainy. The yearly average temperature is 16 degrees with an annual rainfall of 437 mm. The area remains dry for 174 days each year, with a usual humidity level of 50 and a UV-index of 3.