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Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful locations that are very famous among tourists from all over the world. One of these amazing locations is the magnificent lake Saif ul Malook located in the city of Naran. Naran is a small but beautiful city in the northern areas of Pakistan and just like the lake the city itself is also very beautiful. The city of Naran and the lake Saif ul Malook both are part of the KPK province. The lake itself is 3,224m above sea level with its jade waters and soul refreshing views that will leave you amazed and cleanse your consciousness with its silence full of tranquility.


Storytellers from Jheel Saif Ul Malook say no one knows how deep the lake is.

Research shows,

  • Depth

Saif ul Malook Lake is about 34 meters deep. It spans an area of 2.75 square kilometers.

  • Temperature

The lake water stays under 10 degrees since it mostly gets water from glaciers.

How to reach Saif ul Malook

  • By Road: Travel by roads for the fastest route to Lake Afshan – especially along the Naran-Kaghan road which has beautiful scenic views and can be rented as a vehicle, train ride, taxi service, or jeep to reach it quickly.
  • By Air: The closest airport to Saif ul Malook is Islamabad International Airport. Rent a car or take a bus from Pirwadi Bus terminal. Taxis, jeeps and various local vehicles avalabale for rent for travel to Lake Saif ul Malook.
  • By Train: To get to Saif ul Malook Lake, first go to Balakot Railway Station. From Balakot, hire a taxi or jeep to take you directly to the lake.
  • By Trekking: You can get to Lake Kaghan through the nearby villages of Naran and Kaghan. It takes about four to five hours to reach the lake.


The lake is in a far-off place. Sometimes, the road to the lake may close because of too much snow or landslides. So, you should check the road conditions before you plan your trip.

Best Time to Visit Saif ul Malook Lake

The best time to visit Saif Ul Malook is in summer, especially in July to August. The weather is usually around 15 C during the day and 3 C at night. So, remember to bring warm clothes like a jacket or sweater.



According to the local traditions the beautiful lake Saif ul Malook is named after the famous prince Saif ul Malook of egyptian folk tales. The story of prince Saif ul Malook is told in the renowned tale collection ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ of arabic literary tradition which is also sometimes called ‘Arabian Nights’. The basic frame story of One Thousand and One Nights is that once a king had an unfaithful wife, when the king found out he felt betrayed and sentenced the wife to death. After that the heartbroken king started to marry virgins and after one night he would execute them before they had a chance to betray his trust. This went on until there was no one left except the vizier’s daughter. The vizier did not want his daughter to marry the king as it was akin to a death sentence but the daughter managed to convince her father to allow the marriage as she had a plan. At night the daughter told the king a story but she did not complete it. The next day the king decided not to execute her for another day in order to complete the story. On the second night she completed the first story but started a second one and left it in the middle. The king again, for the sake of the story, did not execute her. This went on for 1001 nights or 1000 stories. But until then the king fell in love with her and decided to make her his queen.

One Thousand and One Nights tells all these tails using the daughter as the narrator. One of these stories is that of prince Saif ul Malook and is as follows;

Once there was a prince in egypt. His name was Saif ul Malook and he was very beautiful and rich. One day he finds out about fairy princess Badi ul Jamal and instantly falls in love with her. He begins a quest to find the princess of his dreams. One day on his quest he finds a saint in Cairo who gives him a Sulemani cap(topi) that can transport him to any location he desires. Saif arrives at the place and is stunned by the beauty of his princess. But he learns that she is prisoned by a giant. Saif frees the princess from her captor. The giant in his anger floods the valley which is said to be the origin of lake Saif ul Malook. It is also said that the tears of the giant also resulted in the formation of nearby Ansoo Lake.


CAMPING in Jheel Saif ul Malook


Among the many activities that you can enjoy in and around the lake Saif ul Malook is camping. Lake Saif ul Malook has great views of mountains and water for you to enjoy while camping to make your trip memorable. Many who visit lake Saif ul Malook tend to stay the night there and what better way to spend an overnight trip to lake Saif ul Malook than camping. There are many camping spots nearby where you can enjoy an amazing overnight stay near the gorgeous lake Saif ul Malook and appreciate its beauty. Another great thing about spending the night at lake Saif ul Malook is that you get to witness the amazing view of moonlight reflecting in the enchanting waters of this beautiful lake. All of this provides an environment full of serenity and tranquility for you to enjoy during your stay here. As there are a few camping spots here you will find some shops or huts nearby selling food but it will be neither cheap nor good. So, it is recommended that you bring your own food and drinks.

FOOD in Jheel Saif ul Malook

There are many local restaurants, dhabas, stalls and street food near the lake Saif ul Malook where you can enjoy a delicious meal or a simple snack with an amazing view of lake Saif ul Malook. There are also tuck shops here if you want to have tea and biscuits while enjoying the view of lake Saif ul Malook. Restaurants here, although a bit costly, serve delicious food and are conveniently located for you to enjoy the  breathtakingly spectacular view of the glorious lake Saif ul Malook. These restaurants not only offer various national and international dishes but also have many dishes from the local cuisine. You can also get your favorite comfort foods like fries, pakoras and samosas from the local dhabas and stalls if you wish to do so.

BOATING in Jheel Saif ul Malook

Another fun activity to enjoy at the coruscating lake Saif ul Malook is of course boating. A max depth of 113 ft allows an amazing boating experience with sumptuous views. If you ever get the chance to visit the resplendent lake Saif ul Malook then boating is a must activity for you to try there. It is guaranteed that you will not regret it if you try it out. You can choose between many different boats there and either decide to hire a private boat or pay a fare for a simple ride. Be careful when riding so as not to fall in the lake as the lake is quite deep and the water is very cold. Also there is a lack of rescue equipment and personnel if any so if you fall over then the rescue operation will be very difficult.

FISHING in Jheel Saif ul Malook


The vibrant lake Saif ul Malook is full of life and teeming with fish. Many tourists that visit the lake Saif ul Malook enjoy fishing here. The lake is full of various species of fish, especially trout. There are two main trout species here: the brown trout and the rainbow trout. You can either bring your own fishing equipment if you have it or rent from the local bazaar. Keep in mind that you do need a permit from the local fisheries department of Shinu or Naran.


In summary, if you are looking to spend your holidays outdoors or just looking for a simple retreat with your friends then you should not hesitate to visit the majestic lake Saif ul Malook. This place should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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