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Phander Valley

The lush Phander Valley is located in the Gupis-Yasin district of Gilgit Baltistan in the heavenly north of Pakistan. Previously the valley was part of the larger Ghizer district, but now its part of its own district, the previously stated Gupis-Yasin district. The language spoken by the locals is Khowar, and indeed the valley is called the Phander valley cause of a quirk of the local language. Phan means “palm” in the local Khowar language, and the valley is flat like a palm, hence the name “Phander”, implying the meaning flat.

The valley can be reached from both the Gilgit and Chitral sides quite easily, relatively speaking. Phander valley is, also, a relatively lesser known location in the beautiful north of Pakistan, making it an ideal location for adventure seeking tourists who want to get in touch with their natural self, and connect with their wild side.

The Beauty of Phander valley

The valley is located at the respectable height of around 440 meters or 1450 feet above sea level. As stated previously, it can be reached from both Gilgit and Chitral. 

Gilgit to Phander Valley Distance

The preferred path is from Gilgit, which takes around 5 to 6 hours. The valley has been famously called “Little Kashmir”, due to its gorgeous beauty and awe inspiring views. The Phander Valley settlement is 184km away from Gilgit if you take the Shandur Pass. Shandur Pass is the famous road that leads from Gilgit to Chitral.

Condition of the Road

The road that leads to Phander valley is admittedly in not the most perfect of conditions, and you will find potholes here and there, and some patches of the road may not even have guard rails. Also do expect the ride to be bumpy and be careful not to smack your head against the roof of your ride. But overall, the road is not too dangerous, and the ride not too uncomfortable. So if you can manage your expectations, it can be a fun adventure in of itself, and something to remember fondly when you look back at your memories.

Hotels at Phander Valley

The best place to stay at the Phander valley, at least for most people, is the opulent and highly acclaimed Phander Guest House. The Phander guest house is known for its top of the line service and customers are always satisfied with a peaceful, and applaud it for its remarkable service and attention to detail. But above all the Phander guest house is known for its experience centred and approach, which it absolutely nails. But keep in mind that even under normal weather, the temperature can dip below freezing point at night.

Another amazing choice for your stay is the PTDC motel, a more “customer is always right” and service centred establishment. Which focuses more on meeting all your needs and then exceeding them and indeed exceeding your expectations. Both the places are excellent choices for your stay, the choice only depends on your individual preferences, more importantly where you manage to find a place.

Weather at Phander valley

The only time to visit the Phander valley is from around April to October, the rest of the year the weather conditions are far too severe to allow any tourstic activities, and so the most of the hotels and guest are closed as well.

Best Time to Visit Phander Valley

The best time to visit Phander valley is around summer, that is July to August, when the weather is the most pleasant and you can also take part in activities such as fishing, and enjoy the local fruits such as the indigenous mulberries.

Activities at Phander Valley

You can do many activities at Phander valley including fishing at the phander lake. The lake is full of trout fish during summer, as it is peak season and around the time when trout fish reproduce and so are hyper active during that time and easier to catch. You can also go hiking and trekking at various sites around Phander valley if you wish to do so, it is a fun adventurous way to bring excitement and thrill to your breath-taking trip to the heavenly areas of northern Pakistan. Many tourists like to stroll in the orchard gardens here and enjoy the local fresh fruit, when in season. The fresh fruits here alone are worth the trip to Phander Valley and the beautiful views on top of that make it a must visit location. Which is one of plethora of reasons the popularity of Phander valley among tourists all around the is increasing everyday.

Phander Lake

Why People Mostly Visit Phander Lake?

Phander Valley has 4 lakes, and all 4 lakes are beautiful and worth visiting in their own right. But the largest lake and also the most popular one is the famed Phander Lake. The Phander Lake is a large lake with stunning views of the entire Phander valley. Its waters are teeming with fish and other aquatic life. The locals here take great pride in the beauty of their esteemed Phander Lake. Tourists often like to get rides around the Phander Lake, some even rent out boats to go fishing deeper in the lake. Others decide to fish around the banks and make a picnic out of it.

Phander Valley Map

Following we have provided a map of the Phander valley, to help you plan you trip:

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